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Getting the Best results from IFAs 
We have been spending time sitting down with the IFA’s & going through all the cases that they have been working on in the past month. We only need half an hour or so of your time each month to collect all new data & speak about cases from the previous month. We are looking for companies of IFA’s to spend a day in their office to work with 5 or more brokers. 
Companies tell us they already use Paymentshield or the Source or Halifax to do their General Insurance with. You can say your firm have companies or a tie in with as many insurers as you like but are you actually using any of them. 
As an Introducer, you do not need to understand the products or ask any difficult questions. With your customer's permission, simply send us their details along with a time to call and we'll arrange the high quality insurance that you would expect. 
Call us now on 0844 8734737 and talk to one of our Broker Support team who will be happy to go through the process straight away, or click here to find out more > 
We have a great example of this: 
I have been working with Three IFA’s now for say around 10 years, I saw them all around Christmas time. They realised that they should have been focusing on general insurance years ago but were not passing really any leads to us. I told them I would come to the office every month & collect all data & discuss the cases with them. The first visit I sat down next to one of them & he started giving me all the info explaining all what was going on with each case. The same happened with the second broker. The third one said I’m busy at the moment see me after lunch, he goes out for two hours comes back & says I have a meeting in an hour I need to get some work done first, can I catch up with you next month. 
The next month I go there brokers One & Two same thing take the info on all their new cases & discuss last month’s cases. The third broker says I don’t have time at present can we do it later in the afternoon; I left without bothering to see him. 
Broker One already earns a steady few hundred a month with us & for the hour I spent with him in the two months (as the time of writing this) has £262.95 pending commission for clients that have told me they wish to proceed. 
Broker Two had been earning only a small steady income with us & for the hour I spent with him over the two months he has had two cases already go on cover earning him £220.31. 
Broker Three only has 12 cases with us over 10 years so is getting a very small monthly amount & in the two months has earned no further commission as he has not bothered to spend time with me. 
Don’t tell me your too busy to earn extra money your supposed to be looking after the Finances of your clients why don’t you start looking after your own Finances. 
Give me a minute, I’m Good. Give me half an hour, I’m Great. Give me 6 months; I will earn you a Small Fortune. 
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